On Existence:

• Things that don’t exist, exist outside existence.

• Our world has this amazing property that we can describe things that don’t exist. Don’t take this for granted!

• Non-existence is non-existent.

• If I existed I would probably be an atheist.

• “There is no cold. Only absence of heat.” There is no psychopathy. Only absence of empathy.

• Stop being like everyone else. Stop being unique.

On Politics:

• Can America not have a president for four years? Our high school didn’t have a principal for a year and that turned out to be the year with the best results.

• Everyone knows that common sense is a reliable source for the truth. Everyone is wrong.

On Language:

• There are plenty of alphabetical combinations without meaning, and a lot of concepts without a word. It’s no shortage of either, you just need an app to connect them. #TinderForWords

• Best status updates get the least number of likes, cause they’re never written.


• The opposite of scaling? transcending!

• I can spot patterns in data like very few. The problem… I find patterns in nothingness, like no one!

• Behind every hill there’s an uncanny valley. #poshtekooh

•”Always forget. But never forgive! ♥️”
– some forgotten unforgiven dude

Science and Truth

Science is not about the truth. It’s about our instrumental growth.

It’s a human specific language for the short-term dominance of this very species; a subjective and relative cultural viewpoint; a man-made phenomenon not only sensitive to geography and demography of its producers, but fundamentally relying on our specific physiological features.

Science is a random walk of accumulated literature largely indifferent to the reality; a set of self-reinforced terminologies that has hypnotised our collective mind.

Science is one in many possibilities that turned out to be the dominant widespread culture of our time due to a series of thrown dice with similar dynamics to rock pigeons colonizing the urban landscape worldwide.

So if you take all of it too seriously you may as well think of a pterodactyl as the superior form of a flying object; the shape of a moldy bread as the ultimate manifestation of “truth”, or the last check-mate snapshot of a mediocre chess game as the final capacity of a chess board.

This blog post

Not every post is a post. On the other hand not every post is a post either. It’s neither necessary nor sufficient for a post to be a post . On the other hand a post is a post if and only if it’s a post. Therefor it’s both sufficient and insufficient for a post to be a post. And a post is both necessary and unnecessary. So why are you reading this post?