Thinking loud

This video is the very first one of its kind that eventually made some sense to me; however, considering mainstream’s motivation behind sharing this, I strongly believe that the video can not be brought as an alibi for any of us men or women who don’t wanna dare to be rich, successful, and beautiful – by any existing definition.

Within the human kind, to a great extent, beauty is absolute and objective, and our species has improved culturally in the way us human look, which is good.

Wisdom can’t and should not overcome the instinct, which is the most real and concrete aspect of existence. Super-normal stimulus still makes sense, and it will. We just need to bring it to public, make it fair and reachable by everyone, and meanwhile indeed have our demands not to exceed the reality.

Frighteningly, in the mean time that we ideally make the mainstream look like the celebrities of the past generation, higher greedy standards grow. And those new desires are imaginable however unreachable for the ever-unsatisfied public.

The world is greedy, unfair and unequal by nature. We should control it and to become less unfair, just like decreasing the entropy in a living organism by causing an entropy increase outside. The question is how far we can go with our limited resources?

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