Three snapshots of the kingdom of kitsch

Morning: I am in Las Vegas at a Terrible hotel or something! It’s a good one though. Now am living for a walk to check out Las Vegas magic scene and its shops. It seems that the diversity is huge and you might get lost among all the opportunities. I shall head back to Cali tomorrow.

Noon: That walk happened to be four hours, partly dangerous. I chilled out with homeless old soldiers asking for cigarettes, African Americans with their very own American accent and a few Mexicans who couldn’t speak English. I saw real poverty and to a certain extent it seemed that they have really got no opportunities to get a better life. So, There is poverty in US. I didn’t know. Quite an experience.

Night: I got to know new card tricks. All gambling business is something and the magic industry is something else. Among these magicians, right in the Nevada desert, you can meet coolest and smartest people you have ever met.

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