Jordi and Nima @ Q2S Colloquium

E-228 presents:

Implementing computer clapper as a tool for subjective rhythmic experiment (+)

In this presentation, Jordi will show some of his last works as a developer in the field of audio visual interactivity. Furthermore, the Computer-Clapper software will be presented, an application developed for Nima Darabi which is a programmable sequencer and impulse response detector to achieve rhythm performance metrics. Jordi will introduce MAX/MSP as an interface to develop subjective auditory and visual tests. This interface not only is used to implement human-computer subjective tests, but also will later on be used to implement the computer-clapper as a serious game.

At the end Nima Darabi will finalize Jordi’s talk to show how the observed step responses gathered from the clapper software is used to model human reaction to the tempo change by e second order damped harmonic oscillator like a damped mass spring system. Some objective quality assessment metrics will also be discussed specifically for musical interaction.

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