Shift of Diversity From Animals to Artifacts

We didn’t surpass nature; We are nature.

The decline of biodiversity whilst the explosion of artifacts is a tale of a shift. Diversity has gradually moved from the tree of life to product-space because eventually due to the physical constraints of the earth there is not enough room for both codes to evolve.

In between these two, “Animals and Artifacts”, there was an intermediate domain for hosting diversity which rose and fell: human culture, as the carrier of novelty.

A one step more detailed story could go like this: One species out of millions unexpectedly dominated the earth and while pushing all the rest to die or adapt, it made an explosion of isolated cultures, languages and life styles. A diversity unseen in any species before. Millennia later one/few out of those many cultures – under the industrial civilization – eventually pushed all the others aside and sucked the diversity into its own domain, producing physical artifacts. And that’s where we are right now.

Tracking where novelty shifts is important, because a legitimate extrapolation could tell us that nature will repeat the cycle when one or few of these by-products eventually marginalizes the rest and becomes the primary carrier of diversity.

The question is, after monospecies and monoculture era, which few products out of millions will declare an age of “monoartifact”? Few artifacts whose greedy winner codes (after human genome and the industrial machinery) would redefine the future of Earth’s ecosystems. And given that, what is the next territory that shall win nature’s focus to host its future diversity? Where is the further innovation taking place? Remained to be seen.

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