HappIt! @ TechChrunch Disrupt Hackathon

Make it a happy habbit!

I spent the weekend at the reportedly hottest hack event of the globe, TechChrunch Disrupt Hackathon that came to London. I was just spending my vacation, so no serious intention of disrupting the tech scene, especially that I had a terrible fever. But it was quite stimulating and although I was involved in two hacks, they were both finished. With Sohail we submitted our emotional data platform among 89 hacks done by 750 subscribed hackers and Tanja presented it on the stage since my voice was completely lost.

So what is HappIt? From Tanja’s description:

Ever wondered how emotions change over time and vary in different locations [or weather]? Or wondered how your friends are feeling at the moment?

Happit helps you express your feelings, share them with your friends and store them for later reference.

About the idea: Nima was keeping a feelings diary when he was a child and Sohail knows a lot about emoticons, so we created the web app HappIt that allows users to enter and track their feelings; and us and businesses or the government to analyze emotions globally.

How does it work? The app allows you to self evaluate your emotions by rating 6 basic feelings on a scale from 0 to 1, whenever you want to express yourself like a diary or share it with others.

Based on your historic data you can navigate back in time and surprise yourself by seeing how your feelings have changed throughout different times and events, or based on the places you have been to. You can also see your friend’s happiness diary if it’s shared with you or the public.

Check out the video of pitching the idea here or here:

Think of HappIt as the emotional data collection and analysis platform currently using Grimace frontend, built based on Tanahashi and Kim (1999) comic methods which itself seems to be based on Hexadyad primary emotional model by Bruce E. Morton.

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