My newest mind-reading magic trick: Think of a food, of any color, or any combination of colors for that matter. Then go order it. Or make it. Pay attention to the colors of your meal as you slowly eat it. Now take your time and digest it. Keep thinking of the food… And its colors… When you’re ready go to toilet and take a dump. Your sh!t is, let me guess… BROWN!

Lord Christian’s Magic Stunt

I was mentioned among other magical friends in Adressa (Trondheim’s main newspaper) regarding Lord Christian Wedøy’s magic stunt:

– Folk som gikk forbi stoppet opp og tok bilder, og responsen var veldig bra. Jeg sto der fra kloken tolv til halv to, sier Wedøy, som med hjelp fra Allan Hagen, Nima Darabi og Hans Henrik Verpe fikk gjennomført stuntet.

Read more about it here in Norwegian.

NM Magi 2012

Believe it or not I took part in the Norwegian Championship of Magic 2012 and placed 4th out of 5 people!

Given 40 degrees of fever and that I didn’t chicken out even though I am not Norwegian, and not even a magician It’s OK!

Plus that I was the only one with a 100% original trick and my “mathemagics” was not believed since several professional magicians told me that trick was not bad but how did you know the guy who came to the stage? Well I didn’t!

So laugh at your mom.

Weekend in Oslo

As an observer representing Trondheim local chapter, I attended SAIH’s general assembly 2012 in Oslo from 26 to 28th of October in a group of 5 from our chapter (Read about it in Trondheim team blog). This gathering is the year’s most important meeting of the organization in which the new board members are elected by the representatives of all local branches, new decisions are discussed and voted, new constitution is passed and all formal stuff that might happen in a general assembly takes place. Just for the preparation we  had to read a more-than-a-hundred-page report of goals and prospects, constitution, budget planning, etc. in Nynorsk! And we had to go through it once more in details two (three) days in a row. A tough weekend but that was worth it! At the end we brought home a trophie for the Best Event 2012, for arranging 2012 campaign’s kick-off concert at Familien, for which I had made the poster.

Aside from all this, I was lucky to be in the right time/right place on Friday evening to attend Norske Talenter’s quarter-final, the main Norwegian Talent show, live in Oslo’s Christiania Theater to watch my friends vanishing and appearing and turning into each other. Watch it from TV angle: