Dream: The Inner Book!

Just had the strangest dream in a long while.

There was a divine voice representing the universe who gave me a very rare chance:

Ask any question and you shall know the answer. If you want to know only one thing, any thing, what that thing would be?

Not to lose the chance I replied without hesitation:

If you could tell me everything in one sentence what that sentence would be?

Then the scenery changed and there were lights and clouds. I flew through them, went inside a book and in there even more clouds and lights and there was another nested book opened and sucked me in.

This was going on for a while and I knew it is a dream. I was worried that time will run out without me ever getting the answer. And luckily in the last book right before I fully wake up it transpired:

With no data you can still know everything!

WTF was that!

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