Smart House

It will be interesting to see what kind of things Zuckerberg will show off. This is a big gamble for one of the most successful people out there in a long run. It may create a hype right now, but in a couple of decades things can look funny, silly or try-hard.

I can’t see this effort in 30 years, to be something like 1984 Apple ad that people still talk about.

He would probably focus on things that he has in hands and they are good at: face and speech recognition.

But let us hope for a variety of non-AI technologies alongside AI to shape a livable future smart home. Some can’t happen today, but he could push to conceptualize/implement some of these:

– Home energy optimiser with central light control
– Self washing huge windows
– Animated carpets
– Illuminating interactive art
– Recursive spaces and scalable halls
– Cloud based Mood analyzer (Happit brand!)
– Augmented reality fashion room integrated with the above
– Advanced AI back-scratching robots!

And looking at things culturally may be such innovations turn out to be more important, for the sake of sustainability of the exponential growth of tech and its artifacts:

– Stupidity reflector
– Manipulation resistor
– Random joke maker
– Relationship break up alert
– Alter-ego booster
– Cool neighbor finder
– 3D fashion closet
– Sleep optimizer with dream detector
– Standardised EU-approved sustainable self-promoter

Although people would still fry eggs in the future, a robotic chef is ok. A human-like physical robot is just dumb.

Also a contrast of old/new, like a blend of future and old technology would be more visually beliavable than getting rid of everything that is so 2015. Also ritual stuff from all over the world improves the scenery.

More ideas appreciated in the comments. How would you imagine your own future smart home?

PS. Also who will live in a futuristic home? Kids. So may be you can ask them for inspiration

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