This is Soren.


His owner (whom I won’t tag for security reasons) is traveling for two months and so this fluff stays with me for a couple of months. Soren is a mixed breed called Hymalayan. They are Persian cats bred with some Siamese gene that makes them smarter. They have the fluff and laziness from the Persians and intellect and analytical skills from Siamese. For the same reason they are vocal. They talk to express themselves. His owner told me that sharing space with him will help to decode his language soon. So far I’ve recognized three distinct sounds referring to:
– I’m starving
– Stop ignoring me reciprocally
– Don’t you sit on me!


The molecular structure of cats makes them liquid but it doesn’t mean that you can pour a cat into more than one bucket. Here is a drop of cat for example:

Soren drop

The Dishwasher

The puzzle of Soren’s love for the bathroom, the mystery of him disappearing a couple of times where no one could find him, the problem of unpleasant smell that I couldn’t sniff where it comes from, all solved when I wanted to do laundry! ‪#‎cat‬ ‪#‎urine‬ ‪#‎inside‬ ‪#‎washingmachine‬

Soren Dishwasher

The Alarm

Fluffy alarm goes off again. 6AM in the morning…

Soren Alarm

The Other Cat in Karl Johan

Born in the wrong species

This girl is a cat. She realized it when she was sixteen and came out later. I had seen her before through my window and the scenes you see in this video are just down my apartment. I was confused many times what Soren is reacting to when there’s no other cat. Now I know she is one of the reasons that he leaves marks by the window, to spread his smell and to show his territory.

The Wine

So a normal man has a wife who kisses him good night. I have Soren (If you don’t know him, he’s a 7-year-old non neutered Himalayan cat who bites me goodnight). Usually he’s gentler than this but tonight he bit me really hard while I was petting him. My hand was hurt and he felt guilty enough to hide himself and didn’t show up as usual to sit on my head or to hump the pillow. It could be the night for me to sleep uninterrupted.

And it was until I woke up by the sound of dripping water in the kitchen. Then it was the smell of wine. Apparently one full bottle out of twenty bottles of home-made banana wine – recently arrived from Trondheim – had just cracked and spilled all over. I cleaned it up and examined the scene. Soren playing a role in this is very unlikely since he is still under the bed. The bottle had cracked horizontally but standing still. So some physical effect like explosion due to gas pressure or temperature change is to blame. Still strange though!

Just in case I displaced all the bottles and kept ignoring his presence. He’s still under the bed and seems a little depressed.

If there will be more casualties tonight, yet he does not show up on the bed as he usually do then he’s in charge of these plots.

Unless he reads this post which is a different story! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3:30 AM – OSLO

Soren Wine

p.s. 5AM! He just, NOW, shat and made too much unnecessary noise. Purposefully digging the earth and playing with hard objects 5 in the morning. As he realized that I woke up he ran under the bed again. Still not showing up on the bed. He’s making me very suspicious…

The escape

So Soren had escaped and was gone for a night. The poor thing was discovered sleeping in the sun in the backyard not in his most charming shape. We don’t know where he has been and what parties he has crashed but he has possibly digested some grass that made him vomit. Or at least doctors suspect so. Soren is deffinitely not vegan. Like any other cat he is an absolute carnivor. He doesn’t even eat other things than the cat food, made from chicken, turkey and fish. Even if he is hungry he refuses any other thing. So it’s odd if he has tasted some fiber that would make him like this. Out of curiosity may be?

He is in a good shape now and will respond to his emails at his convenience.

The catch of the day is though: There actually exist vegan dogs and cats out there! There are dogs (and even cats) who are on a cruelty-free vegan diet because of their vegan owners. And they manage to live long. Can you believe it?

Table Manners

Although Soren is humble and nice to other pets, he is still classy and elegant. He has the manners and etiquette of eating properly and sometimes when he meets some of his friends who don’t do this right, he humbly tries to show them the correct style. So they can also be more successful pets in their lives. Check the video!

Soren from Inside


I must add that baby sitting is not a totally correct word since he is a 40-year-old big bearded muscular man and a bad-ass alpha mail from inside. He looks cute from outside but if you normalize him within his species you get Tom Hardy or Bruce Willis. Hi beats the shit out of other cats and sometimes dogs and he can be super confident, determined and someitmes rude, but very kind and caring at the same time. For real!

Soren is gone

So the cat is gone. The owners came back from the long journey and claimed it back. They had a bunch of ridiculous reasons such as Soren is used to their home for 7 years, or that they have a bigger place and the cat is more comfortable there. And that they are a couple and have more time to spend with the cat. But on top of their arguments was that they should have the cat back because he is their cat. Seriously? And that’s how things are. Soren is gone…

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