Cut this loop

This is a real story about my dilemmatic closed chain, the last night:

  1. My wallet was in the office and the door was locked.
  2. The office key was attached to my car key.
  3. The car key was in the gas station for the service.
  4. The person in charge would demand some money to give the key back.
  5. I had money/cards but it was was in the wallet! (go back to 1)

I needed to cut this loop to get the car back and drive home, accordingly by:

  1. Breaking the office door. (Trouble)
  2. Asking the man to disattach my office key, going back and force… (Time consuming)
  3. Stealing the keys! (Crime)
  4. Asking the mechanic to give me the car back trusting that he will get the money. (Embarrassing)
  5. Borrow that money from a random dude for several minutes. (Weird)

What do you think I did and what would you do?

2 thoughts on “Cut this loop”

  1. Hi Nim!
    I was surfing the web for international NTNU students and realized that you are one of them.
    Im from Spain and have been accpeted as a PhD student in Chemistry dept – its a scholarship position-.
    I tried to contact the sit-bolig to see if i may stay in students villages and could not get to get in touch with them.So i thought it’d be a good idea to ask such a thing from a phd student. I guess you gotta be a scholaship stdent and I wanted to see if you stay in sit-bolig. or is it possible for us to stay in sit-bolig student villages?!
    thanks so much mate


    Could you leave your e-mail for me?
    We discuss there

  2. breaking the door is more interesting!
    also you can call the keyer that open the office’s door. then pay money to him and all problem will solve. also rubbing the keys is more interesting but a bit dangerous. my favorite way is that you go and kill the man at gas station, rub the keys and your cars then open your office and … .
    also when you kiles tha gas man you can rub is money also with this way you will find a lot of money.


    You should have been me at that occasion. That’s for sure. 🙂

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