Predicting Love and Politics

The awkward moment that you realize you already know things almost not many know, yet you commit mistakes none of them would make.

p.s.1. I had always said from early days of social networking, that a website like Facebook can come up with the best dating advices, far better than any dating website, only if they want to use it that way. For one apparent reason: They have the data. Indeed they have so much data that no dating website even finds it important or useful. Check this example. I warn it may hurt if you fit the data individually!

p.s.2. This other article doesn’t really tell you how, but it tells you it’s possible to predict a revolution. Four years ago Bruce Bueno predicted in a TED talk what will happen to the Iranian nuclear negotiations. It all happened just in a longer period. He doesn’t go into details but you get some idea.

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