Dream: the Smart Kid

Just woke up from this sweet dream that I was watching a movie about rural England in late 18th century featuring an old woman called Mrs. LaZouche who was taking care of some kids in an orphanage, a foster home or a kindergarten.

The kids were super happy and living in a green summer place with a bridge between a wooden castle and woods. I thought it is a collective community with an interesting social structure. So I asked to join them in the movie and my excuse to do it was through applying for a job!

Mrs. LaZouche said since we are in the movie and you are watching it we can only have “tea time” together. In one of the tea times I was prepared to get in there but realized that we have conflict of interests, since she wants to come to our world and I want to go to theirs, and I was feeling bad to reject her to come out of the movie.

Somehow later, I ended up there somehow, together with a smart boy from our digital age. We two started an adventure there. It turned out that I don’t have to be worried about him, since he was loved by Mrs. LaZouche and was integrating faster than me in the environment, immediately accepted by his age group. He knew by instinct and what things in the scenery are used for and where the bridge goes, etc. He was also over-smarting the non-technological kids, who were humbly gathering around him, mostly little girls, treating him like a star, meanwhile I was discovering the environment and what style they live.

The next day black and white newspapers published a picture with some funny friendly news about a kid from the future. He had tied up a little girl using a spider gun that was shooting ropes and then had taken selfies with her.

His entitlement was kind of cute and harmless, and quite accepted by the inhabitants of the movie. The antique photographer was laughing with me that when he wanted to untie the little girl the future kid wanted to shoot him too, but his spider gun was out of water. I was using situational clues to stay relevant in their environment. Like laughing with their journalists about the fact that I was not mentioned in the news. I was joking with their grown-ups and also commented Mrs. Lazouche on her charming antique dress style that for them was mainstream.

That tea time took quite a while and was like the best vacation ever!

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