Economics is not Science

Loved this video:

At the very least neoclassical economics is not science. It’s an elitist made-up language based on fake concepts such as supply and demand to maximize fabricated quantities in order to exhaust the nature and abuse the people.

Its higly prestigious Chicago school with their fraud models of trade and their deceptive political byproduct, neoliberalism, is responsible for much of the blind destruction of the environment and the uncalculated harms to our societies and nature.

Their influential *thinkers* and theorists are responsible and must be held accountable for bringing humanity to the disaster that it is facing now.

And the most recognized awards and medals of honor should not go to those short-sighted charlatans. They should actually go to the people who can possibly figure out how to reverse this legacy; how to take us out of the deep trouble caused by those prominent neoliberal economists. After forty years or so it is time to make a U-turn away from the policies advocated by  Milton Friedman and his fellow politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. Even so the consequences of their disastrous ideas are yet to hit us.

“Conventional economics is a form of brain damage.”

Alter your language domain. Don’t be deceived by the illusions created by con artists. Stay real!

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