Internet and Organizing Student Protests in Iran

After more than one year that I hadn’t left the city of Trondheim, for a couple of days eventually I traveled to Oslo. This was to give a talk at the event Human rights, democracy and the students’ struggle in Iran, organized by SAIH. Not to cover the story from one side, the opposition, the Iranian embassy’s representatives were also invited to give a speech at the event, but they chose not to take part.

Iran is essential to development in the Middle East in the years to come and may both solve and aggregate existing and future conflicts in several countries. What are the interests of the Islamic Republic?

Iranian students have a unique position in the current geopolitical environment. What is it like to be a student in Iran? The participation in the development of a republic of 80 million inhabitant and several large ethnic minorities are underreported issues in Western media. Students advocating democracy and human rights often do so at great risks to themselves and even their families.

To further understand these issues, we invite you to this seminar where the current political situation in the area will be debated.

The panel

  • Mahmood Reza Amiri Moghaddam – Iran expert and researcher at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, UiO
  • Nima Darabi – data scientist, Zedge
  • Josef Asad Taghizadehnaser, politically active Azerbaijani

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You can download my presentation “Internet and Organizing Student Protests in Iran”. It won’t be so useful, however, as most of the information was carried out orally.

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